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Our maintenance and repair services are backed by a design/build company with over 15 years of experience. We manage our in-house staff to complete your desired tasks. No job is too big or too small. Our services include complete scheduling and securing all materials needed to complete your repairs. We are your one stop shop for repairs and preventative house maintenance. From start to finish, you are in the hands of seasoned professionals.

Expect from your Handyman Services:

  • First, our Handyman Project Manager will schedule an appointment and visit the site prior to any work being done.
  • Next, our Handyman service technicians will arrive, on time, to complete your repairs. They are fully insured, and have several years of experience.
  • There are set hourly rates for each technician, depending on the repairs you need done. Prices will be laid out for you before any work is done to your home.
  • Lastly, you can expect quality home repairs of any kind from New Outlooks Construction!
  • If you have any questions, simply call or email us today. We can also give you a free quote!


You may not be able to fix everything, but we can. With a wide range of services provided and our professional, customer service-oriented team, we will make quick work of any projects you need done. Don't do it yourself, do it right by having us help you.


Interior paintwork is the essential icing on the cake for a well-executed remodeling, and PENIEL is here to help you achieve this. From assisting you in picking the color scheme best suited to your personality and project, to painting the actual interior, and to cleaning up your project space, we are experienced in helping clients be one step closer to their project vision.


Let us help you take the family time comfortably outside with a wood deck, concrete porch, awning, or pergola. Make your project stunningly eye-catching, beautifully classic, or anything you want with PENIEL. Our team is well versed on this subject, and you can rest easy knowing that we will take into consideration everything from your personal preferences to the local weather before starting your project.


Our team here at PENIEL offers quality carpentry and trim services. From molding packages, to framing and drywall repair and replacement, our skilled and experienced team will help you design, install, repair or replace anything you may need!


Let the sun shine through, get some windows. Windows open up any space, making it more inviting and more visually appealing. It is easy to forget how beautiful the world is when you are surrounded by four walls, and no view to escape to. Let us install new windows or repair your existing ones to brighten up your day. Doesn't matter if you are looking to add a skylight or add security to your existing windows, we can help


Whatever your budget, whether you just need some minor updates or custom cabinets and countertops, we have affordable kitchen improvement options for you. From top to bottom, our professional, licensed craftsmen can handle every facet of your Kitchen or bathroom remodel.